Sports & Social Club Leagues

Snooker League

The Totton Conservative Club has been represented in the snooker League since the 1940's.

There are 3 full size snooker tables available in the club.

2 snooker teams represent the Club:

The 'A' Team play in Division 2

The current 'Snooker A' team members are:

Chris Jones (Capt), Simon Hughes, Paul Hughes, Paul Saint, Paul Wyeth, Paul Davis, Fraser Curtis, Scott Musselewhite, Mark Stone, Ruth Hatch, Wayne Bacon, Alan Bagg

The current league table for Division 2 can be found here      

The 'C' Team play in the Premier Division

The Current Snooker 'C' Team members are:

Dave Miell (Capt), Les Castle, Steve Bridge, John Illston, Steve Blackmore, Martin Swan, Gary Tomkins, Ashley Weatherhead, Kevin Loveless

The current league tables for the Premier Division can be found here

League games are played in the Southampton and District Social Clubs League.

Cribbage League

The current Cribbage 'A' team members are:

Darren Andrews, Tim Andrew, Alan Chalk, Chris Hancock, George Munday, Gary Sawyer, Barry Sawyer, Dave Munday, Derek Taylor, Klaus Bowyer, Rob Bray.          

Our Cribbage 'A' team play in Division O​ne of the Southampton and District Social Clubs League.        

The current Cribbage League tables can be found here 

Darts and Pool

If you interested in forming either a Ladies or Men's Darts team or Pool Team, please contact one of the committee members or the Club Secretary